Simple Yet Powerful Accounting System for Your Retail Business

Whether you want to review sales or oversee how your business is performing at the end of the fiscal year, CISePOS’s built-in accounting module is the best solution to transform your tedious bookkeeping procedure into a simplified one. With a range of features from expenditure tracking, voucher creation, and more, it is designed to make your day-to-day retail accounting procedures seamless and free from errors.

Benefits of Having an Integrated
Point of Sale Accounting Software

The purpose of opting for a point of sale system with an integrated accounting system is that it not only saves time but also cuts down the additional cost of having it integrated with external accounting applications. It also offers the following advantages:

Tableside order management

Ease of Managing Sales at One Place:

CISePOS cloud-based POS software’s accounting feature helps you to monitor sales and billing using a powerful dashboard so that you can keep track of revenue as well as have a detailed analysis of the financial performance of your business.


Create Comprehensive Vouchers:

Forget the worry to record the operational costs of your business and track each and every expense with the POS system accounting feature by CISePOS. It lets you create detailed vouchers in a number of categories including:

Cash received voucher
Cash payment voucher
Bank received voucher
Bank payment voucher
Journal voucher
Sales voucher
Sales return voucher
Purchase voucher
Purchase return voucher
Goods received note
Tableside order management
Tableside order management

Track All Expenses:

Organizing expenses is not easy & requires a centralized management system that saves time and gives an accurate number of all the money that you have spent. Our cloud accounting software is just the right tool that you need to summarize and categorize all of your expenses.


Monitor Your Business Performance:

The balance sheet in financial accounting software is an essential component that provides an in-depth picture of how your business is performing and where your business is standing at a financial level with CISePOS’s accounting system that allows for generating a separate balance sheet if the business is running at multiple locations so that you can have a single reference point for information related to assets, debts and the overall financial situation no matter wherever you are.

Tableside order management
Tableside order management

Precise Profit & Loss Details:

Take charge of your business’s net profit and loss with descriptive profit & loss reports generated by accounting POS software. It offers an all-inclusive snapshot to the business owner regarding the various financial aspect of their business by providing information such as stock opening and closing, net purchases and sales, other operating income and expenses, and taxation impact.


Account Trial Balance:

The accounting system provided in CISePOS cloud-based software provides a trial balance sheet so that the owner can view the closed balances of the ledger amounts and get reports based on the following parameters: date, type of account, balance type, and amount type.

Tableside order management
Tableside order management

View & Analyse Transactions:

Store all your key transaction details that are debited and credited for review and analysis in CISePOS’s accounting system with a thorough account ledger that shows information such as cheque number, voucher number, narration, bill, debit, credit, and much more.

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