Enhance Customer Experience With CISePOS Feedback Module

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Taking Customer Feedback Systems To The Next Level!

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Retain More Clients Make More Sales


Happy Customers, Retain More, and Increase referrals.

Make more sales with a healthier Clientele.

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CISePOS Feedback Module Helps You Have Your Customer’s
Reviews About Your Service With Ease

Collect your customer’s feedback using this feedback module with simple and easy steps. With the feedback collected through
our feedback module, you can enhance your customer experience and ambiance for better customer service. We offer three
easy ways to collect your customer reviews. 


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  • Make your customer rate your service with emojis. 
  • It is easy to do and saves time. 
  • Helps you understand your customer’s satisfaction. 
  • Easy to interpret and understand. 

Star Rating

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  • Easy to rate.  
  • Helps in better understanding the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to interpret.  
  • Well known by customers, so it becomes easy for them to understand it.  

Customized Questions

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  • Provides detailed feedback.  
  • Helps you understand your customer’s needs better
  • Help customers express themselves easily.  
  • Create customized questions.  

What you Get With CISePOS Feedback Module

CISePOS Feedback Module gives you a lot to understand your customer’s needs better. The user interface of the module interacts with customers so that they find it easy to rate your services.

Dynamic Dashboard

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You will get a dynamic dashboard with the CISePOS Feedback Module that will give you a glimpse of your customer’s ratings and feedback. The dashboard gives a brief overview of your customer’s review and helps you understand your customers better. 

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