CISePOS Retail is designed to meet your business needs

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Complete Control of Inventory:

Take complete charge of your inventory with newly added inventory management feature in our point-of-sale software. It helps in smoothly optimizing your operations by enabling you to add products and print barcode instantly, import products from item import tool, transfer product from one location to another, easily sell online or in-store with automatic adjustment of inventory requiring no manual input, create and align supplier wise purchase order, assign a category, brand, color, and size. It centralizes inventory database management for multiple locations and online shops.

Accurate customer profiling
Accurate customer profiling

Accurate customer profiling

You can take full advantage of our customer management tool to make your customers feel special and happy. To keep your loyal customers coming back, you can identify trends, shopping habits and products they mostly spend on to get them back into your store. It’s easy to create customer database which will allow you to save new customer information seamlessly at checkout. Once you make customer profile, his/her complete details get automatically stored under their profile where you can go through their purchase history, account balances, and loyalty with clicks anytime. Customer data will also be useful when you will be doing email marketing, in this way you can drive huge traffic by focusing on the right group of customers.


Mobility and cloud hand-in-hand

It’s the right time to bring your business operations into the digital world and take benefits of using our cloud-based POS on any device securely. Without any IT support, you can simply download CISePOS on your mobile, iPad, laptop, or desktop to get started with most efficient selling process. Whether you are going on a family vacation or attending meetings, you can check and look into the operations that are going on at your store, things you will only need is a device and an internet connection. Let slow transactions and long payment lines a thing of a past, now, you can use iPad and Windows-based tablets conveniently in order to engage customers wherever they are in-store. Interact more naturally with your customers out on the showroom floor while accessing the same POS tools you would have at your checkout desk. Make big use of this big advantage today!

Mobility and cloud hand-in-hand
On-Point reporting & analytics

On-Point reporting & analytics

Are you having the right inventory? Which items usually run out quickly? How often your loyal customers shop? CISePOS retail analytics has the answer for all these and other questions. No matter if you are in-store or on the go, with our cloud-based POS you will never lose a single sight of your numbers and your data. All reports will stay exportable to PDF or Excel. With CISePOS accounting integrations can be done automatically without any error. Whether its day-end or mid of the day, your sales and other data will get updated in real-time and through easy accessibility to these reports make you aware of how your business is doing.


Integrated payments

CISePOS allows users to take payments for purchased product on the sales floor as well as it can be taken at the cash register. Through cloud-based POS, you can easily access mobile payments anywhere within your store to simply reduce wait times at checkout. All the cards, bills, and coins are acceptable, so you can accept any of these payment methods to offer complete flexibility to your consumers. If, in case, your customer makes refund, with CISePOS you will not need to ask them for their card again because all information regarding payment and card will be in your system.

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Easy upgrading path

Get ready to grow your business with a solution that will grow with you! Our engineers stay keen to keep our software up-to-date as per the advancement in the technology. To keep your businesson track and successful, you surely need a solution that gets updated with time and CISePOS is surely the one that will help you reaching your business goals seamlessly.


24/7 global customer support

We believe in one-on-one sessions, thus, any of our clients can get free sessions with our agents to get all their queries answered and problems resolved. Our highly motivated customer team is always there to help you out in picking the perfect solution for your business. If, in case, you don’t have time for a call, simply send us an email or a message in the chat and our agent will be all there to answer all your questions. All of your requests and tickets will remain saved in our system; thus, we can always find best solutions for you.

24/7 global customer support
CRM to make more profits

CRM to make more profits

CISePOS retail CRM is integrated into our cloud-based POS software through which you can track real-time sales data from all channelsin a single database. And then, for betterment of your business, you can use this data to understand customer’s behavior so you can anticipate their future needs accordingly. Keep customers coming back with personalized promotions and targeted email campaigns, this is how you will earn loyal purchasers.

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