Set your restaurant up for success with CISePOS

Set your restaurant up for success with CISePOS

CISePOS has a solution for every type of restaurant or food business - whether it’s a home-based venture, a franchise store, or a fine dining setup. Our restaurant pos software features can be customized to match your needs.

Take a look at our Restaurant POS Features

Tableside order management

Tableside order management

With CISePOS, taking orders has never been faster or easier. No matter if you are taking orders tableside or at the counter, our restaurant POS has all the features you’ll ever need for better customer service.

Increase Table Turn:

Offer the best service to your guests and increase your table turn by expediting the food preparation process and easy ordering system.

Boost Your Sales:

Get insights into best selling items from your menu and boost sales by keeping a full control over inventory and reducing your costs.

Offer Improved Services:

Be it taking orders or receiving payments, deliver the best dining experience to your customers by seamlessly managing all your operations.


Real-time reporting & analytics

You're a restaurateur, not a data scientist, so you definitely want a much-simplified way to understand what’s going within your business. Here’s how our restaurant POS can help you to gain important insights about your business.

Access Data From Anywhere:

Get detailed insights on how your business is performing no matter where you are with all data secured in the cloud for easy access.

Visualize Your Performance:

Acquire a clear image of your restaurant operations with easy to follow graphs and charts on the dashboard & identify areas of improvement.

Generate Detailed Reports:

Have a clear view of sales, customers preference, menu trend reports, and deep insights through detailed reporting and analytics.

Real-time reporting & analytics
Customer loyalty program

Customer loyalty program

CISePOS’s customer management is among the best restaurant POS features that helps to keep your customers loyal and delightful while allowing you to create bonds with them as well as to build your customer database.

Know Your Customers:

Create customer profiles to know your customers better and have data about their preferences, purchase history and loyalty.

Create Special Offers:

Keep customers coming back by creating special promotions and offers. You can also set a loyalty program to reward most loyal customers.

Build Customer Relationships:

Strengthen relationships with your customers, and make them feel important by creating specific promotions and deals catered to them.


Complete control on the menu

Take complete control over your menu wherever you are with CISePOS’s menu management feature. This restaurant point of sale feature enables a streamlined process by allowing to add descriptions and photos of each item.

Create a Customizable Menu:

Create a menu that your guests will love. Add menu items with colored images to streamline your menu management process smoothly.

Simplify Ordering & Reporting:

Make the ordering and reporting process easier than before with powerful yet simplified features to ensure hassle-free restaurant management.

Offer Impeccable Service:

Improve guest experience and offer them a remarkable service by adding items or modifying your menu altogether with any device.

Complete control on menu
Easy to use and learn

Easy to use and learn

Created with advanced technology and features, CISePOS’s restaurant POS features are designed to be easy to learn and simple to use. There isn’t any training required to get started with our cloud-based POS.

User-Friendly Interface:

Our cloud-based POS is designed with a user-friendly interface that is easy to configure and learn. All of the features are simple to use.

Minimize Training Time:

Increase efficiency and reduce training time to minimum to none. CISePOS constructed to offer advanced technology in the simplest manner.

24/7 Customer Support:

Our customer support is there 24/7 to listen and resolve all the issues faced by our clients so that you can rely on CISePOS for your business.


Systematic Accounting Module:

Ensure a smooth and secure selling process using our technologically advanced, quick, and easy to use cloud-based POS software. It's designed to give you a clear snapshot of your business performance.

General Ledger for Overview:

Create a detailed financial statement for your business with the general ledger that helps you to classify, track, and summarize all of your transactions at once place for documentation.

Create a Detailed Expense Voucher:

Our integrated accounting module is equipped with the feature to create expense vouchers that let you track all your operational costs with ease for record-keeping purposes.

Profit & Loss Balance Sheet:

A detailed profit and loss balance sheet allows you to monitor how your business has been performing so that you can analyze your financial standing for reasonable decisions.

Fast and convenient payment processing
Customer Support Icon

100% satisfactory customer support

Your restaurant is as great as its staff is. The same goes for your and we make sure to provide you with customer support staff focused and eager towards each client’s query to solve their problems on an urgent basis.

Prompt Identification of Issues:

We have high-tech troubleshooters that allow our support team to diagnose issues on your device instantly, anywhere in the world.

Rectification of Hardware:

Our team of professional hardware gurus is always there to help you diagnose difficult and bigger hardware challenges.

Exceptional Customer Service:

Whenever you feel any difficulty while handling CISePOS features, feel free to contact our tech gurus, they will love to deliver the best of the best services to keep you satisfied.

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