8 reasons to pick CISePOS for a successful business

CISePOS facilitates retail and restaurant businesses with advancements and advantages to keep them secure, cost-efficient, reliable, and profitable.

Detailed analytics & reporting

Our cloud-based POS system enables users to generate a variety of detailed reports to oversee schedules, monitor sales, observe what customers likeand dislike, and other processes to streamline business. Our POS Solution will lead you to have easy review of sales and business data using customizable graphs and charts anytime, anywhere. With CISePOS digitally designed dashboard, monitoring sales is a hassle-free. Our reporting feature provides data analysis that you need to track costs and profits with ease.

Fast transactions with freedom of mobility

Whether it’s sale on one product or variety of items, all orders can be processed in seconds with CISePOS. Our cloud-based POS solution gives you freedom of mobility, as you can run or cloud-based POS on any device having a web browser. This is how synchronization with back-office happens automatically.Smartly designed dashboard and features of CISePOS makes it easy for businesses to keep their products list updated to keep transactional processes faster and error-free.

Make knowledgeable business decisions

Stay up-to-date with business insights by reviewing daily register closure summaries and sales target reports to verify payments and check on potential discrepancies, this is how you can take on-spot smart business decisions. When the work is done for the day, sign in to your CISePOS dashboard from any computer to have information of new customersand exact sales by items to understand what’s working or where to improve. You can also track sales for specific group of customers based on their purchases or demographics to generate greater sales opportunities through personalized, relevant — and effective — offers.

Keep customers smiling

CISePOS lets you Offer exceptional customer service including reduced wait times, accurate orders and fast checkout. During checkout, you can create customers’ profiles seamlessly to easily build their databases by recording their purchase history, loyalty and account balances. CISePOS provides you with tools to manage customers like never before. With Mail Chimp integration, SMS messaging, promotions, reports to track customers, discounts and specials offers, sales trends, and other features on our cloud-based POS makes managing your clients a breeze.

Time saving integrations

CISePOS allows businesses to save time by integrating our cloud-based POS with their payment terminal, loyalty programs,accounting software, and much more.CISePOS works seamlessly with almost every retail and restaurant tool and app that is used to streamline business operations. You can connect our cloud-based point of sale system to services like QuickBooks, Stitch Labs, Xero, and others.

In-Depth business data anywhere, anytime

Keeping a sharp-eye on business operations while focusing on detailed daily sales and other reports can save you tons of money. With CISePOS you can quickly view real-time sales, even when you are not physically present at the venue. Using our software, you can also go through customer data that can lead you towards taking better business decisions. The cloud-based POS is one centralized platform that provides up-to-date data across all your operations. Using CISePOS can vanish all risks of data corruption.

Easy to use and affordable

CISePOS intuitive and smart design makes it easy and quick to set up, train staff, and start taking orders. The cloud-based POS really saves you thousands on setup costs, and it can be customized as per your business needs and can easily be expanded as you grow. CISePOS is designed by retail and restaurant experts, thus it minimizes admin and IT overheads while letting you focus on running business greatly.No extra software or expensive servers are needed to install and maintain CISePOS, simply download it and start using with any IT support.

Impeccable customer service

We feel great to serve our clients with remarkable services and our customer service team is surely playing a major part in keeping customers happy and satisfied. They not only stay keen to listen to every single customer but are motivated enough to resolve the issues on urgent basis. Whenever, any of our clients need customization to their CISePOS solution, our customer service representatives facilitate with the information that is ideal to meet the growing needs of their businesses.

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